That's a nice skirt.

Georgia is his native state.

The last mile is the longest.

I'd like a second opinion.

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I got a job offer.

You used to love Boston.

May his soul rest in Heaven.


He will arrive on the afternoon of the 5th.

If anyone saw anything, I want to know.

How's the teaching life?

I didn't see them again.

What time do we leave tomorrow?


Meeting Bradley has changed my life.

The dog that bit the child was caught soon after.

Do you ship overseas?


Curtis's car broke down.

Donovan doesn't pay any attention to Tareq.

Sean isn't the enemy.

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Vincent's feet are really big.


Samir is coming for a visit.

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Send it to me.

If you have complaints about the taste of my cooking, you could start to make it yourself starting tomorrow.

I arrived on the night he left.


Toerless hasn't had her dinner yet.

The last time I saw Cynthia he was headed toward the beach.

Syd, I didn't do it.


Even if it rains tomorrow, I'll go there.


I like to eat.

He's easy to impress.

I'm inclined to agree.

Esperanto, official language of the EU, now!

I pray for your happiness from the bottom of my heart.


My dog won't stop snoring.

She wears her hair loose.

Let's delay this decision until tomorrow.

Joni does nothing but watch TV.

I see they've given you a promotion.

He clutched her arm firmly.

I don't even know where she is right now.

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I could actually be arrested.


Are you really that naive?

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Stay back.

It is not known who has the authority in this matter.

We should've brought lunch.

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Conrad was bored with his job.


It seems to run in the family.

I want to clarify in further research to what extent the conclusions of this paper can be generalized.

Dwayne can lift heavy weights.

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He made a bunch of money.


No dirty jokes!

Arthur pretended he was still asleep.

After school, their lives diverged.

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He's even more handsome than ever!


I put on my socks quick as greased lightning.

I think I can show you how to do that.

Brett isn't coming till tomorrow.

He ran too fast for us to catch up with.

I don't really see that happening.

I'll go and talk to them.

The fog soon blurred out the figure of a man walking in front of him.

Recycling paper is very important.

The bulb has burned out.

He was punished for his crimes.

Can you stop calling me that?

Rob said he wanted to go to Boston.

Do you want to ask me a question?

You are right to a certain extent.

Spock walked to the door and opened it.

Johnathan broke his leg.

They ruined my life.

I thought I had a month to finish this.

It looks like my Xbox360 is broken.

Then I sang a silly song about an ant who tried to wrestle a chewing gum.

I have a guilty conscience about that.


Will it fit?

Dion used an insect net to collect bugs.

Where did you write this letter?

We use chopsticks in place of knives and forks.

We could use your help.

You don't know what it was like.

An iron bridge was built across the river.

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Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice.

I tried to scream.

I'll study after I come home.

Edmund didn't like my idea.

It's likely that Jurevis will be the one who comes.


Would you give Thierry this for me?

On the page there was a list of phone numbers.

Kanthan looked back at Kitty one last time.

Let us know how that works out for you.

Hi, my name is Elias. How can I help you?


Would you like some more roast beef?

You kids stay here.

Kusum's dirty clothes are on the floor.

Singapore has one big problem.

With one blow of the axe, he killed the calf, and with the second split its brain.

I prefer listening to the radio to watching television.

Why are people afraid of me?

Why were you angry with me?

Nobody invests in my country.

You have my number. Call me sometime.

I'm not causing the problem.

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Sehyo will help whoever asks him to help.

Marcia really likes swimming a lot.

Make sure you talk to Sunil before you leave.

Ruth was looking for you to say goodbye.

Everything functioned without a problem.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

This T-shirt costs ten dollars.

The picture is in the front of the book.

Please bring a salad.

Kay told me he was afraid that Nhan might kill him.

It took two years to make.

Please take me to them.

He told me he would be here about seven.

This is astounding.

Dean took a pilates class.

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A cat may look at a king.


She seldom gives way to tears.

In her youth, my mother was very beautiful.

I'm not wearing that.

We need to warn them.

Our team achieved five medals in total.

When she saw the marks all over the wall, she wanted to throttle the toddler.

She robbed me blind.


I have something to tell you.

Just like humans, the eyesight of dogs gets worse with age.

I don't understand the questions that the teacher asks.

Spock checked to make sure he had his ticket and a passport.

I have a house in the mountains.

I won't stand here all day.

He never speaks to me.

I'm going to fix you a drink.

Cristi goes to Boston at least once a month.

Don't interrupt him.

Dieter hugged me.

You can't prove any of this.

Does truth matter?

The color of the wall clashes with that of the floor.

Billie asked Kyle if she ate pork.

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I'm never taking you fishing again.

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You're not supposed to wear your slippers down to the lobby.

I remember that laugh.

She was robbed of her purse.

How many milligrams are you taking right now?

Is there a place in Europe you want to go to?

I'd like to wake him up myself.

Magnus doesn't know what's in this box.

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What do you want to do that for?

I've always liked them.

Dwight and Brett are probably together.

I love you all very much.

I really got my hands dirty.

The piano was invented in the 18th century by Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Is Irfan a bad guy?


Kimmo likes helping others.

The secret was locked away for aeons.

I found my first gray hair this morning.

Erwin came up with a bizarre plan.

Does it snow much in your country?

I've been thinking about Chet.

Ann said that he didn't know French.

Even with the best intentions, you could not understand him.

Give Daddy a kiss.

That is the same skirt as I bought yesterday.

I play mahjong only now and then, because if I made a habit of it, I'd end up wasting all my time on it.


I will have him carry the baggage upstairs.